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Blast from the Past
«Прошлое или настоящее – это лишь категории времени.
Путь открывается тому, кто обещал пройти его истинно и правильно»
(Гичин Фунакоши)

M. Ueki, instructor Fuchu Air Force Base (right), scores with a right tsuki an instant before K. Kisaka, fourth dan counters with a right age-zuki.

M. Ueki, fourth dan, counters with a mae-geri to score against K. Kisaka in the 8th All-Japan Karate Championships in Tokyo, 1965.

H. Ochi (right) deflects Y. Tabata's kick and delivers a right punch to the mid-section in the finals of the 1966 All-Japan Karate Championship Tournament at the Budokan. Ochi won by decision.

H. Nishiyama sways back to avoid T.Okazaki's vicious kekomi and prepares for a right tsuki counterattack.

M. Nakayama (left) follows up with a left yoko-geri attack as Y. Yaguchi, instructor, starts to withdraw his foot after a yoko-geri attempt.

Instructor H. Nishiyama, All-American Karate Federa­tion, Los Angeles, counters with gedan-kekomi (right) as Instructor T. Ofcazaki, AAKF, Philadelphia, attacks with jodan-kekomi.

Instructor Y. Takahashi (right) counters Instructor M. Itaya's tsuki with a sokuto-keage.

Instructor H. Kanazawa (England) jumps in the air for a tobi-yoko-geri as Instructor K.Enoeda (England) attacks with oi-zuki.

Instructor T. Okazaki (left) sidesteps Instructor H. Nishiyama's mae-geri and counters with a masterful example of tobi-yoko-geri.

Instructor K. Enoeda (face showing) and Instructor H. Shirai face each other in a silent duel.

Instructor K. Enoeda (right) blocks Instructor A. Takahashi's oi-zuki with a back-fist strike and counters further with a sokuto-kekomi.

M. Nakayama (center) countering attacks from two sides simultaneously.

1961 Japan Karate Association Championships - Tetsuhiko Asai (right) uses his famous tai sabaki technique to score and win against T. Mikami in the semi finals. Asai went on to win 1st Place over H. Shirai in the finals.

M. Nakayama (left) displays a fine example of nukite, brushing Instructor H. Kanazawa's elbow to deflect his punch and score with a stab to the eye.

Instructor S. Miyazaki (right) steps in to counter with uraken sidestepping A. Takahashi's kick.

Instructor H. Shirai (right) scores with a kick as K. Enoeda blocks a fraction too late with gedan-barai in the 1963 Kyushu Championships.

1950's Japan Karate Association - Taiji Kase (left) vs. Hidetaka Nishiyama (right) in a Kumite match.

1958 Japan Karate Association Championships - T. Mikami (left) is attacked by a mawashi geri from Hirokazu Kanazawa (right). They were so evenly matched after several overtime matches that both of them were awarded 1st Place. Kanazawa won 1st Place in Kata and Mikami took 2nd Place in Kata, therefore Kanazawa was declared the Grand Champion.

1961 AAKF - Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama was the first JKA instructor to teach in the United States. He founded the All America Karate Federation which was the United States branch of the JKA.

1961 First Meeting of the Hawaii Karate Congress - Many senseis from different styles formed the Congress to promote the art of Karate through tournaments. Instructors that attended the historic meeting were, front row, left to right: H. Kanazawa, T. Izumikawa founder of Goju Kai, and M. Koike. Second row left to right: Victor Takemori, Carlton Shimomi, Winfred Ho, Stanley Ono and Kenneth Murakami. Third row, left to right: Toyofuku, James Miyaji, Tommy Morikawa, Mitsugi Kobayashi and Richard Kajiyama.

Mele kalikimaka Hauoli Makahiki hou Hirokazu Kanazawa

1963 AH America Karate Federation Kata and Kumite finalists held in San Francisco - From left to right: Kenneth Funakoshi (Hawaii), Takashi Aoki ( Los Angeles), Tom Morikawa (Hawaii), Duke Moore (Tournament Chairman), James Yabe (Los Angeles), Gene Takahashi (Los Angeles).

1963 - Kenneth Funakoshi taking a walk in Kyushu, Japan after the JKA Championships.

1963 Japan. Kenneth Funakoshi after attending the JKA Championships in Fukuoka.

1964 Tetsuhiko Asai (right) performing a tobi yoko geri during an exhibition in Japan.

1965 - Haruko Funakoshi (center) with Mr. & Mrs. Tetsuhiko Asai after a dinner in Honolulu, Hawaii.

1965 Hawaiian Style - Officials and finalists dance the hula after the Karate Association of Hawaii Championships. Kenneth Funakoshi, 1 st Place Kata & 1 st Place Kumite is on the far left and Chief Referee Masatoshi Nakayama (JKA) is fourth from the right.

1965 JKA-USA(AAKF) Championships. Kenneth Funakoshi. Hawaii (left) meets James Yabe.JKA (center), 1962, 1963 and 1964 AAKF Grand Champion, in the semi-finals match. Funakoshi won the match with two mae geri's. Referee is Sensei Teruyuki Okazaki (right), )KA Chief Instructor for lTKF.

1966 All America Karate Federation Finals - Kenneth Funakoshi sweeps as Frank Smith attempts a reverse punch. Sensei H.Nishiyama is Chief Judge.

1984 - J.K.A. Senior Instructors after training for the 1984 Championships. Front row (left to right): Sensei K. Funakoshi and Sensei Isaka. Back row (left to right): Sensei Imura, Sensei Ueki and Sensei Abe.

1966 All America Karate Federation Finalists -James Yabe 1st Place, Kenneth Funakoshi 2nd Place, Ray Dalke 3rd Place.

1969 Hawaii vs. Japan - The Karate Association Team (JKA - Hawaii) coached and trained by Shihan Funakoshi, defeated the 1969 All Japan Collegiate Team and was unbeatable during the 1970's in Hawaii and California. From left to right: Daryl Lee, Eugene Watanabe, Jonathan Tani, George Sasano and Allan Sekiguchi.

1970 Honolulu, Hawaii - Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi doing yoko geri to his top student Daryl Lee.

Ensenada, Mexico. The Carrillo family with their two sons who are Mexico and World Champions. (Left to right): Angel Carrillo (16 years old), Argelia Carrillo, Shihan Funakoshi, Sensei Cuauhtemoc Carrillo and Daniel Carrillo (13 years old). Sensei Carrillo started Karate under Shihan as a teenager during the 1970s.

1975 Garry Cross, Senior Instructor at FSKA-Main dojo, a constant winner in Kata and Kumite until the 1990's will be officiating a this year's Las Vegas Championships.

1980's - Tetsuhiko Asai formerJKA Champion.

1983 Hawaii Championships - Kevin Funakoshi doing Niju Shiho to win 1st Place Kata. Kevin also won the most 1 st Places in kata and kumite to win the Competitor of the Year Award from the Hawaii Karate Congress.

Kevin Funakoshi -1983 Hawaii Grand Champion, 1984 1st Place Kumite, Las Vegas Shotokan Karate Association Tournament, 1986 Hawaii team member to Okinawa Tournment, 1988 Hawaii Team member to FSKA Tournament.  Kevin favorite technique was his lighting quick yoko geri and uraken uchi.

1984 - J.K.A. Main Dojo, Sensei K. Funakoshi relaxing with Sensei K. Enoeda before instructor training. Sensei Enoeda, a former champion, is the top instructor for England since 1965.

1984 - J.K.A. Main Dojo, Sensei M. Tanaka (left), former JKA World Champion, and K. Funakoshi (right).

1984 - J.K.A. Championships, Sensei K. Funakoshi & Sensei M. Yahara, 1st Kata and 3rd Kurnile.

1984 - Seminar in Hawaii with Sensei T. Asai (left), Kyle Funakoshi (center) and K. Funakoshi (right).

1984 - Sensei Leonard Lafferty, doing his favorite Kata Unsu, at a tournament in Hawaii.

1984 Kyle Funakoshi (11 years old) and Kanazawa Sensei after a seminar in Honolulu.

1984 Osamu Ozawa's Shotokan Karate International Championships - Left to right: Kevin Funakoshi 1st Place Kumite, T. Mikami, H. Kanazawa and K. Funakoshi.

1984 JKA Main Dojo, left to right: Kenneth Funakoshi JKA Chief Instructor, M. Nakayama and Tetsuhiko Asai after a meeting appointing Funakoshi as the Chief Instructor for the Pacific Region.

1986 - JKA Championship, K. Funakoshi (left) with Sensei M. Nakayama (right) Chief Instructor JKA.

1986 - Theresa Funakoshi, born and raised in Hawaii is typical of the mixed racial ancestry in the Hawaiian Islands. Her racial background is a mixture of Filipino, Hawaiian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

1987 - Yoshio Funakoshi (left) 3rd cousin of Gichin Funakoshi, trained Karate in Okinawa in the early 1900's, pictured at his grandson Kevin's graduation from the University of Hawaii.

1990 - Kyle Funakoshi (left) and Gary Dunlap (right) always won top honors competing at all tournaments in California.

1990 - Sensei Miriam Garnica, a strong competitor in the women's division, is the Las Vegas Tournament Assistant Chairman.

Sept. 22, 1991 - Hakua Kai, San Bruno Tournament.  Left to right:  Fumio Demura, Kyle Funakoshi and Osamu Ozawa.

1992 - Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi (left) with two of Hawaii's most respected senior Karate instructors. Shihan lames Miyaji (center) 9th dan, Kenshukan and Bobby Lowe (right) 9th dan, Kyokushin Kai. Shihan Funakoshi testifies that these two fine gentlemen are examples of dedication and honor to the Art of Karate.

July 26, 1992 - FSKA Hawaii Championships left to right Guest Instructors: Kenneth Funakoshi, Paul Ortino, Odo Sensei (Okinawa), James Miyagijoe Bunch and Kevin Funakoshi.

1994 FSKA International Championships. Kyle Kunakoshi, FSKA and his famous high jump at the end of hts favorite Unsu Kata to win 1 st Place.

1995 Three Generations of the Funakoshi Karate Family - Kevin, 1983 Hawaii Grand Champion. Yoshio, practiced karate in Okinawa as a youth from 1915-1925 under cousin Gichin Funakoshi. Kenneth, founder of FSKA. Kyle, present FSKA Champion.

1999 FSKA International Championships. Kyle Funakoshi. FSKA (left) scores with a jodan mawashi-geri against Luis Perales, ISKA (right) to win 1st Place in the finals of the Super Lightweight Kumite Division.

2001 - Shihan Funakoshi (left) at Kyle's (center) graduation from San Jose State University and Theresa (right).

JKA Hawaii 1966 -1969 - Sensei Tetsuhiko Asai was assigned to teach JKA Karate in Hawaii from 1966 - 1969. Asai Sensei was the 1961 JKA Kumite Champion.

Hawaii Karate Kodansha Kai 2002 - Many senior instructors from the Hawaii Karate Congress formed The Hawaii Karate Kodansha Kai. Seated from left to right: James Miyaji President, Bobby Lowe Chairman Ranking Committee, Pat Nakata Vice President and Joseph Bunch Treasure. Standing left to right: Masakazu Teruya, Paul Ortino Jr. Secretary, Anthony Troche, Earl Padeken, Alan Lee and Richard Young, (not pictured are Lee Donahue Sr. and Kenneth Funakoshi)

Kenneth Funakoshi
Chief Instructor Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association
(A Non-Politic al Organization)


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